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The Definitive Guide

Community Management

Increase engagement, drive customer advocacy and stickiness that boosts retention and the bottom line.

What’s inside

The Definitive Guide to Community Management

A handy guide of all the major things you need to know as you embark on your community management plans.

Set Up Your Plan

A 9 steps plan to build and grow your online community.

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Increase ROI

Learn some potential returns you can track and communicate.

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From ‘if we build it, they will come’ to ‘treating it like traditional publishing’.

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The community platform for
intelligence-driven organizations.

We power branded, expert communities that engage, retain and grow customers, driving ARR and NRR growth.


Interested in learning more about what an expert community can do for customer success?

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Engaged Audience

Having your own branded community creates an engaged audience that aligns with your target market. This makes it easier to sell to your market, involves customers in the product development process, and develops significant brand loyalty.


Social Proof

Online communities leverage the power of peer-to-peer connections, where customers can recommend the brand in the course of a conversation. It provides added social proof, with 90% of people saying they are much more likely to trust a brand recommended by others.

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Having access to community experts can add value beyond selling a product or service. This can differentiate your brand from competitors and increase the lifetime value of a customer as they return time and time again for your services.

What our customers think about Zapnito

"The community was a way of creating an additional call to action that would allow us to widen our community of people who could come in, get to know us and establish a relationship. It created a real anchor point for the business."

Claire Rahmatallah
Director of Marketing,Sova Assessment

"All the value that we’ve had in terms of peer to peer networking and sharing and learning, we can do more broadly on the community platform."

Claire Rahmatallah
Director of Marketing,Sova Assessment

"The community approach is a brilliant way to foster relationships at a more strategic value and demonstrate your own thought leadership."

Claire Rahmatallah
Director of Marketing,Sova Assessment

"Zapnito is more than just a tech provider. They have become valued contributors to our product innovation thinking and continue to find exciting new ways for us to deploy their products to better serve our customers and meet our business goals."

Steven Inchcoombe
Chief Publishing Officer and Board Member,Springer Nature
On-demand webinar

Launching a SaaS community

The SaaS platform, Sova Assessment, recently launched an online community to engage customers and prospects.

Catch their on-demand webinar to understand their community strategy, how they got started on their journeys and advice for companies considering adding community to their strategy.

Launch your own branded community

Out-of-the-box and custom features. Plus...

Flexible design

Mirror your brand design by applying your fonts and colors or apply a custom theme.

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Fast implementation

Set-up in hours and launch in weeks, with out-of-the-box software.

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Easy-to-use interface

Simple, configurable functions and features to create a thriving community.

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Personalized support

We'll get to know you and you'll get to know us, so our support will always be specific to your needs.

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Ready to see what Zapnito could do for you?

Zapnito enables intelligence-driven organizations to create expert communities that allow members to learn, share knowledge and collaborate.

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